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clean, functional & responsive

As both a visual representation of your brand and an engine for business, your website has to be beautiful and functional across devices, with a dynamic, intuitive interface that leverages branded content to drive purchases.We develop websites that guide customers from homepage to checkout without sacrificing user experience.

We build websites on various platforms based on our client's needs and on their project budget. We design websites to be mobile-responsive, maximizing performance and conversions across all devices. We take collaboration very seriously, and welcome client input throughout the development process.

We are also Shopify Partners so if you're building an e-commerce or DTC brand we can build a fast loading, customized Shopify site that performs and has Shopify's cutting edge CMS.

As the size, scope and functionality of a site increases and 100% custom becomes the best route we partner with Dative, a US based website design and development firm to take the reigns on the project. We are really great at a lot of things, coding is not one of them :)


current site too slow?

Did you know how fast your site loads not only impacts bounce rate and user experience but it also can effect your page ranking on Google?

Is your message clear?

Your mission should be clear when someone lands on your page. Whether you sells $50,000 a weekend in take-out Pizza orders or you run New England's largest interior design firm you need a clear mission and call to action.

What's your budget?

Truth is websites of any size are not "cheap". If you are looking to throw up a quick site with little thought just to "get something up" you came to the wrong place. We build brands, and do it as your partner.

Don't take shortcuts with your website.

What's a recent website project?

Craft Media, Inc was hired by new owners of Flynn's Irish Pub (yes, the award winning Irish Burger Bar!) to rebuild AND re-brand. The new owner bought one of two locations of Flynn's and wanted to make tasteful changes to bring this one location it's own identity. A ground up website design project was initiated as well as concurrent digital marketing efforts including a new logo and style guide. . We are thrilled with the results and so is the client.

Flynn's now has a CMS that is easy for them to operate and make fast menu changes without the manager needing a degree in computer science. The site loads VERY fast even with the mouth watering photography.

We are Shopify PartnersWe are Squarespace Circle MembersWe use Webflow for our custom website builds.
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