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what is digital marketing? well it's a lot of things.

we don't have clients, we have partners

Where visionary marketing strategies meet compelling visuals. As your dedicated marketing partner, we don't just craft plans; we execute them with precision, ensuring your brand's story is told through stunning photos and videos. Harness the power of social media with us, and watch your business thrive in a digitally-driven era. Your brand's potential, amplified.


In the digital age, merely existing online isn't enough. At Craft Media, Inc., we understand that the key to unlocking your business's full potential lies in optimizing your online presence. Through strategic SEO, we ensure that your brand doesn't just appear in search results—it stands out. Dive into the vast digital ocean with us, and let's ensure your audience finds you, every time.

Photo and video production

In a world driven by visuals, a brand's image isn't just seen—it's felt. At Craft Media, Inc., we believe that professional photography and video production aren't luxuries; they're necessities in narrating your brand's unique story. It's more than mere content; it's about creating immersive experiences that resonate and remain. Journey with us, and let's craft visuals that not only catch the eye but capture the heart.

Social media management

In today's hyper-connected world, a brand's pulse is felt most vividly through its social media heartbeat. At Craft Media, Inc., we recognize that it's not just about being on social platforms—it's about mastering them. Effective social media management translates to amplified brand voices, engaged communities, and measurable growth. Partner with us, and let's turn your social channels into powerful symphonies of engagement and conversion.

Website design

In the vast digital realm, your website is the virtual storefront of your brand, and every click a potential handshake. At Craft Media, Inc., we understand that a website isn't just a digital address—it's the epicenter of your brand's universe. With our bespoke website design services, we ensure your online presence is both captivating and conversion-centric. Dive into the digital with us, and let's craft a web experience that transcends the ordinary and defines your brand's essence.

what we do.

provide smart marketing solutions


You're working with us because we have experience, we study trends and have years of experience managing consumer attention.


The philosophy and strategy used for all of our clients no matter the industry is the same. It's the philosophy that morphed our event company into this marketing machine in just a few short years.


We're also fun, smart and like long walks on the beach.

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Craft Media, INC | marketing redefined

MEET the core


Founder/Creative Lead

Steve has been marketing successful brands for over a decade, all starting with his own event company that in it's first year generated six figures as a side hustle. Craft Media's mission is to tell your brand's story using compelling content and strategy.

Christina Marie

Operations Director

Christina is one of Craft's most valuable assets. As Craft started taking on more complex content management and social media projects we started to require someone to oversee the voice for each channel. She does the job of many and makes it look easy!

Kameron Alexander

Social Media Manager

Kameron is young man with a great future. Since coming on to Craft Media he has taken the lead on many projects and they have been massive successes. Kam is up to date on the right tactics for the latest social channels and leverages that for our clients.

Do your social channels reflect your hard work?