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SEO | Rank higher on search

What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That means adjusting the contents and structure of your website to help you rank higher when consumers are searching for keywords you want to rank for on Google. This is accomplished through optimizing structured content on your website's pages and by creating consistent content such as blog posts, developing back links from established sites as well as using some "hacks" to help you to rank higher in as fast as 30 minutes! (ask us how) SEO is an ongoing process where we sit down with your team monthly to review changes, performance and proposed updates to your website to outrank your competition.

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Craft Media gets results.

Listen to our Founder and Managing Director Steven Hall talk about why your business needs to be actively managing SEO.

How to you rank locally?

We track our client's position daily and make sure they always have the edge.

Are you writing new content every month?

Just like Social Media Management consistency is a big part of success with SEO. Keep churning out the content in your space to rise to the top.

Are you including video and audio in your content strategy?

Did you know Google loves video? Cranking out videos to showcase the authority in your space will also help your ranking in Google.

Do your social channels reflect your hard work?