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professional photography

You have one chance to make that first impression...and second and third! A large part of brand building is through imagery. Whether you need professional photography for your website, social media, product catalog or for your Real Estate listing we are New England's first choice. Our photographers have been published in USA Today, MSN,, Travel & Leisure Magazine and of course featured in content across countless channels via our clients.

Craft Media's roots are deep in professional photography. For 14 years, Steven Hall the founder of Craft Media has been working as a paid professional photographer. Fast forward to now and Crafty Media, Inc has dedicated photography studio spaced used solely for commercial photography of all types.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial Photography is any photography that will be used for commercial (generate revenue or branding building) purposes.

Why is it important to differentiate between commercial photography and say, personal?

When we are working on a commercial photography project with a client there are style guidelines we need to follow so that we are staying inline with the current or planned branding and feel of the product. In addition to the look and feel the usage rights are handled differently when it comes to commercial photography jobs. In commercial we need to be able to reproduce the EXACT same lighting over and over again on each product so that for instance a new e-commerce catalog has a stable look to all of the images as a user is browsing.

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Commercial photography

Product Catalogs, Social Media, Websites are all places you need professional photography. We work with your Marketing team to craft the right look and deliver results. Part of our work in this space includes 3D renders for products that have not yet come to market.

food photography

Our #1 industry based on number of clients but also based on ROI are our Food & Beverage photography clients. Food styling and Photography is an art and we take is serious. We would love to share our results.

real estate and ARCHITECTURAL photo

Published on, collaborating with partners such as Wayfair Professional and being the most highly recommended photographer for New England's largest Home Staging company. We deliver stellar images that help move hundreds of millions of dollars in Real Estate.

product photography

Looking to highlight a product up close? Creating mood through the use of shaping light in a studio setting is the only way to create emotion product images that help support your product and brand identity.

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