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It can be hard to know exactly what you should do and who you should target for social media advertising. But it doesn’t have to be. Craft Media, Inc is here to help!

It’s important to use data to know exactly what your current, and potential consumers want to see; with our first party data we can target your customers and use technology to form look-a-like audiences that will help us find your customers who may not be so open on social media based on their behavior.

We know what your ideal customer wants to see, and how we can make it memorable.

Why do you need social media marketing?

What's it like being a social media management client with Craft? We meet frequently and speak often. Communication and setting up expectations is priority #1 for us. We then craft a content plan that varies throughout the year. Why do we change the strategy? Because in the end we are still applying marketing principles to our efforts and we need to be managing consumers attention. What happens to you when you see the same thing over and over with no change? You get bored right? We treat social media management the same way.

Social media success was originally based solely on metrics such as improving engagement rates. Those days are long past us. Platforms such as Instagram are slowly removing "likes" from being publicly visible for one reason; THEY WANT TO PROMOTE MORE CREATIVITY! This is why we are seeing more and more success is what we do - being creative working up a realistic content marketing strategy that fits our client's needs and budget.

If you need help with a social media management plan we should meet. No obligation and worst case you walk away with some usable feedback to take back to your team to put into action with your social media at no cost to you.

Content creation

What is our differentiation from the competition? 100% original content. Content creation is the action that drives the internet. We create written, photo and video content for our clients to help drive sales.

Manage your community

Managing your business reviews and providing community management is #1 we take charge and not only respond to reviews on all channels for our clients but we generate more positive reviews for them so they can rise above their competition on all platforms.

influencer marketing

The largest line item increase in our business last year was spend on Influencers (KOL). Leveraging influencers in our network that are in your space to help provide an authentic voice and drive consumers to your channels.

omnichannel approach

Yes, we know you like Instagram better than Facebook. Who the heck uses TripAdvisor you say? Well there are people ACTIVE on every channel and we are there to greet them and be the first to represent your brand there. You need to be EVERYWHERE and we can help.

right content,
right platform

Each platform generates it's revenue from ads. They want users ON THEIR PLATFORM so sharing the same content from Instagram to Facebook and then using that same piece of content on LinkedIn is going to get you no where and result in very low reach. We customize the content and share natively for best results.


Video is KING! Every client of Craft Media has an element of professional video production included. Did you know people are 70% more likely to stay on your channel if you have video content being published? YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn all reward for video use. What are you waiting for?


Do your social channels reflect your hard work?