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Video and Cinematic film production

In 2022 and beyond if you own a business of any size then video needs to a part of your marketing strategy. It's been proven time and time again, people engage with video more and at the end of the day marketing is all about managing the attention of your ideal customer.

Who needs professional video production?

Mesmerizing cinegrapghs to longer form 3-4 minute videos all have their place in your social media management strategy. One long form piece of video content can be chopped up and edited to be used over 10x on various social media channels. Social Media Management is a tougher game than it used to be, you need to be creative everyday and be relentless. Video gives you that edge over your competition using lame Canva creations.

video for social media Media Management

Just like we have in the world of marketing, where we have traditional marketing firms pushing direct mail, and ads on local radio we have dinosaurs in video production as well. We are here to change that. Using the very best equipment, progressive direction and implementing the use of modern editing to keep attention throughout the whole project. Let's meet and talk about your project and how we can help you showcase your brand for maximum exposure.

Commercial video production

Looking to expand into network television or maybe you want to run high quality ads on YouTube. Well the former has video production standards that we can meet. Make your service or product engaging with the use of short form or long form commercial video.

real estate video production

We started the movement on cinematic real estate videos and now we are called on by Real Estate Brokers and Firm Managers all over the East Coast to produce compelling Real Estate videos that spark interest and most importantly creating demand.

corporate video production

Gone are the days of one person talking head videos with some cheesy b-roll of your product or service. We produce exciting corporate videos that stand the test of time and help you stand out from your competition. We also find ourselves producing a lot of educational content for corporate clients to educate staff and pitch their services.


Wedding films done right are about much more than cake, dresses, and flowers. We believe in creating wedding films that do more than just document one day – we believe in creating wedding films that encapsulate the important, the crazy, the happy, and the sad – the reasons why you decided to have such a big day in the first place.

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